The National Commission for UNESCO

The Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO (2017-2020) consists of 8 members appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. All members have special skills in at least one of UNESCO’s four disciplines.

Former Minister of Higher Education and Research, Tora Aasland is the president of the The National Commission. The Ministry of Education and Research is the secretariat for the Commission.

Each year Norwegian non-profit organizations can apply to the National Commission for grants. The grants are used to implementing UNESCO projects supporting the National Commission´s priorities. In addition to allocating economic support, the National Commission is an advisory body to Norwegian authorities on UNESCO issues. Co-operation with other National Commissions and international actors is a priority for the Commission.

Members of the Norwegian UNESCO Commission (2017-2020):

Tora Aasland – President

Lars Magne Andreassen – Director, Árran Lulesamiske center

Espen Hernes – Section Manager, Museum section of the Culture Council

Hege Hisdal –  Climate Adviser, The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate

Lise Iversen Kulbrandstad – Professor, Department of Teacher Education and Natural Sciences, Hedmark University College

Benjamin Skiaker Myrstad – Deputy, The Norwegian Children and Youth Council

Marjan Nadim, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Research

Rune Ottosen – Professor at the Department of Journalism and Media, Oslo and Akershus University College.

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