The National Commission for UNESCO


The Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO (2021-2024) consists of ten members appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. All members have special skills in at least one of UNESCO’s four disciplines.

Former State Secretary in the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Rebekka Borsch, is the president of the The National Commission. The Ministry of Education and Research is the secretariat for the Commission.

The UNESCO Commission shall be an adviser to the Norwegian authorities and a link between civil society, various professional circles and the government. The commission plays a central role in making UNESCO visible in Norway. The new commission has ten members with backgrounds from various professional environments and the civil sector has been appointed from 2021-2024. Rebekka Borsch is the head of the commission. The composition of the commission has geographical consideration and reflects UNESCO’s four areas of responsibility: education, science, culture and communication.

Each year Norwegian non-profit organizations can apply to the National Commission for grants. The grants are used to implementing UNESCO projects supporting the National Commission´s priorities. In addition to allocating economic support, the National Commission is an advisory body to Norwegian authorities on UNESCO issues. Co-operation with other National Commissions and international actors is a priority for the Commission.

Members of the Norwegian UNESCO Commission (2021-2024):

Rebekka Borsch, president of the Norwegian UNESCO Commission, department director for Competence and Innovation at NHO

Lill Tove Fredriksen, associate professor of Sami literature at the Department of Language and Literature at the University of Tromsø, Norway’s Arctic University

Tore Furevik, director of the Nansen Center and professor at the University of Bergen

Alf Håkon Hoel, professor of maritime law and policy at the University of Tromsø and researcher at the Institute of Marine Research

Isa Maline Isene, former chairwoman of LNU. LNU’s representative on the Norwegian UNESCO Commission (2021-2022).

Bibi Fatima Musavi, student, journalist and member of the Youth Freedom of Expression Council

Inger Elisabeth Måren, associate professor at the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Bergen and UNESCO Chair for sustainable heritage and environmental management

Odd Sletten, World Heritage Coordinator Røros Bergstad and Circumferensen

Rune Ottosen, professor emeritus in journalism at OsloMet

Dankert Vedeler, chairman of UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics

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