The National Commission for UNESCO

The Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO consists of 12 members appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Reserach. All members have special skills in at least one of UNESCO’s four disciplines. The National Commission’s mandate is to promote UNESCO’s ideas and make UNESCO known in the Norwegian society. The current Commission was appointed in 2013 and will be in office until 2017.

Each year Norwegian non-profit organizations can apply to the National Commission for grants. The grants are used to implementing UNESCO projects supporting the National Commission´s priorities. In addition to allocating economic support, the National Commission is an advisory body to Norwegian authorities on UNESCO issues. Co-operation with other National Commissions and international actors is a priority for the Commission.


Members of the Norwegian UNESCO Commission (2013-2016):

Tora Aasland (leader)
Kristin Bakken, Deputy Director General, Directorate for Cultural Heritage
Torill Engen-Skaugen, Special Advicer, Norwegian Research Council
Jan Monteverde Haakonsen, Special Advicer, Norwegian Research Council
Jan Thomas Hagen, Political Advicer, The Norwegian Association of Youth with Disabilities
Peter M. Haugan, Professor and Head of Institute of Geophysics, Universtiy of Bergen
Trond Idås, Advicer, Norwegian Union of Journalists
Jill Johannesen, Media Scientist, 3C- Critical Creative Communication
Vibeke Mohr, Deputy Director General, Arts Council Norway
Marjan Nadim, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Social Research
Tom Thoresen, Director, Norwegian Media Authority
Laila Susanne Vars, Director, Gáldu Resource Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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